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Welcher Matusow ist reif für die Klapse?

Mike und Scot Matusow, die beiden Brüder haben mal wieder nichts besseres zu tun als sich so richtig schön in der Öffentlichkeit zu streiten. Dabei wird mit dem ein oder anderen Familiengeheimnis um sich geworfen.

Los ging der Streit mit einem Tweet. Scott Matusow hatte ein Artikel über Ivey, seine Scheidung, eine mögliche Pleite des weltbesten Pokerspielers und die Bestechung des Richters geschrieben. Um nun diesen Artikel zu promoten hat Scott den Twitter Account von Mike Matusow benutzt.

Mike fand den entsprechenden Artikel wiederum nicht ganz so gut und hätte lieber nichts dazu beigetragen ihn zu promoten. Daher entschuldigte er sich nur kurze Zeit später bei seinen Fans mit: „Tut mir leid für den Iveyartikel von meinem verrückten Bruder. Er entspricht nicht meiner Meinung. Scott Matusow darf meinen Twitteraccount nicht mehr benutzen“.

Und wie Brüder nun mal so sind kann der andere es natürlich nicht auf sich beruhen lassen. Scott Matusow begann jetzt so richtig loszulegen. Er meinte, dass Mike Ivey schon als „Stück Scheiße“ bezeichnet hat und nun nicht so tun soll als sei Ivey voll okay. Auch veröffentlichte der weniger talentierte Pokerspieler unter den beiden Brüdern, Scott, auf Facebook eine nicht wirklich nette Aussage über seinen Bruder: „Michael, tu was gegen deine Depressionen. Frag mich, wenn du Hilfe wegen deinem Spielproblem brauchst … denk dran, du musst eine Hypothek bezahlen und Mutter hat mir erzählt, dass dein Haus verkauft wird wenn du weiterhin nicht bezahlst […] Michael, Bruder, du bist krank und brauchst Hilfe … willst du dein Haus und deine Familie verlieren?“

Den momentanen Höhepunkt fand der Streit dann in einem offenen Brief, in diesem Scott so richtig gegen seinen Bruder her zieht. Ob er hier Mike nur für billige Publicity benutzt oder wirklich etwas dahinter steht und er nur helfen will lässt sich nicht wirklich sagen. Hier erstmal der Brief im Original:

An open letter to Mike Matusow

Mike, I have said what I have said, and done what I have done because I am sick of your disrespect, belittling your own family to impress strangers. Not only publicly have you said “Ivey is a piece of shit” which can be verified from old Quad Jacks podcasts, but you have told me that as well, that he messed up the FTP deal with his lawsuit. My blog did not attack Ivey in such a manner, but rather the type of character Ivey is, a degenerate. With all the problems in the world today, people being booted from their homes, being cheated, losing their jobs;

When I see people like Ivey and even you, blow wads of money like water, while others can’t even fucking eat, I find it disgusting and part of a lot of the problems we face in the world today. Excuse me for being an idealist and actually giving a shit about people.

I see you getting worse and worse with your gambling issues. We went out for our parents anniversary 2 weeks ago.. The entire time, all you could talk about was yourself, your bets, checking the scores on games. You do not consider how you hurt Mom and Dad with your behavior. You seem to enjoy to call Mom only to tell her when you lose, and you exaggerate your losses to her… That is sick Mike, do you enjoy upsetting our mother? If you were married and/or lived far away from us, and never bothered with us, then it is your life and you are entitled to live it any way you want. But when you go out of your way to insult and lie about me to people, when you decide to call Mom and Dad only WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING, then it becomes my business, because I live on their property. I help manage their finances as well, so when you miss a mortgage payment on your home, It is my responsibility to find out what is going on because Mom and Dad are on the hook as the co signers.. They asked me to contact you over that.. But your answer to me was ” fuck you and your family”.. If that is the way you feel fine, STOP CALLING MOM AND DAD when you need something and leave us the fuck alone, and live your life. It is not my fault or anyone else’s that you hate yourself and you are a miserable because of, in my opinion, a severe gambling addiction on top of your addiction to legal drugs.

Don’t tell me I don’t know what addictions are, I have been a drunk and a drug addict, I know exactly what they are..

It takes courage and balls to admit you have a problem and seek help for it. Stop putting on a false image for your own family that everything is fine..

My biggest issue with you Mike is your horrid betrayal of your own family.. you consistently take the side of strangers and go out of your way to belittle your own blood in their eyes.. Until yesterday, I have kept quiet about this stuff for the most part because I did not want to mess up your deal with FTP… Don’t call Mom and lie to her and say I am costing your deals.. You are costing yourself deals by your own admission. You have turned down many deals that your agent got for you, refused to work with people, showing up late or completely missing engagements all together. Enough with your lame excuses and lack of personal responsibility for your actions and lack of action.

I learned in my life to take personal responsibility for my problems, but sadly, like many Americans today, and what I believe is a huge issue in the world today, you blame others for your fails in life. You insist to me and our parents that I wanted FTP to fail, and insisted somehow it was my fault.

You asked me to be quiet about FTP, then you go on QJ and spew about it for 4 hours straight. If I say anything, u call me nuts, tell others I am crazy and even make up horrid lies about me, and you know this.

I interjected into the FTP thing because I felt bad for people who have been fucked over that whole deal. Your own agent instructed you to leave FTP over a year ago because they were fucking you. Rich constantly looks out for your best interest and you treat him like shit as well. Why are you so concerned what fucking degen scum strangers think about you? You constantly whine how you run bad, but I say it is deserved karma for your actions towards your own family.

in 2005, main even final table, you didn’t even recognize your own family presence at the final table.. Dad tried to give you advice before play started, and you basically disrespected him and told him to “leave you alone” at the same event, I needed a ride home and you refused, saying ” i don’t have room in my car, my good friends are in town”.. well your “good friends” said there was room for me and made room.. I asked your ” good friends” how long they knew you, they replied “2 weeks”. I am so sick and tired of your ways, your lack of giving a shit about Mom and Dad, and anyone who cares for you.. But people who use you, them u love..

I am not going to sit here and list everything, but you have just been a total douche bag towards your entire family.

To conclude.. if u wont change and have the courage to face your problems, then stop calling Mom and Dad bitching about stuff, wanting something from them, and do not contact me, and totally stay out of our lives. I don’t want you calling Mom and aggravating her anymore. Dad is 81 with high blood pressure.. he does not need the shit either.. and until you come clean with me and we have a real talk, which you refuse to do, if you do decide to come to our property, make sure you let us know in advance so I am not there.. You either want to be a part of our family or not.. But we will not accept you the way you are now.. I speak for Mom and Dad in this as well.. Again, I am doing this publicly because you refuse to deal with this privately. When you decide your blood is more important than fleeting strangers and your gambling Addiction, we will listen to you. Your so called friends are not your friends, your fans are not your friends.. and some of them are total douches and useless scum. If their respect is what you want and crave, then be good with us and leave us the hell alone for good!




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